Nutella, Take it Personally

Integrated Multimedia Communications (IMC) is a strategy of combining online and offline multimedia channels in order to maximize brand’s communication impact. Through well-crafted IMC strategies, brands can establish emotional ties with their customers resulting in brand loyalty. A recent example is Nutella Hong Kong’s marketing and branding campaign ‘Take it Personally’. The campaign enables the brand to communicate its personalities – ‘happiness’, ‘sharing’, ‘family-oriented’ to customers in Hong Kong – a developing market for Nutella.

Nutella and I

Nutella is a food product in reminiscence about my fond memories in Australia.  I had been in Australia as an exchange student in my undergraduate study. Nutella has been popular in Australia. My roommate asked me to spread Nutella on a piece of bread instead of putting a piece of cheese on it as I always did. In Hong Kong, Nutella is not a popular food item because majority of people think it is just an ordinary bottle of chocolate which tastes extremely sweet and unhealthy. To be frank, I haven’t had Nutella for years because I don’t have a habit of making breakfast in the morning. I prefer to have ready-made bread before going to work to save time.

Nutella Fanatics in Hong Kong

Nutella utilizes both online and offline communication channels globally. On the contrary, communications and branding of Nutella Hong Kong are still developing. It has a an official Facebook fan page only. But Nutella wants to turn things around. In August, the company launched ‘Take it Personally’ marketing and branding campaign first time in Hong Kong and it had successfully utilized both online and offline communication channels. I often saw long queues during lunch period in the store when I walked passed on my way to office after lunch.

People are queueing up their personalized Nutella on Sunday. Credit: @JullianaChan found the phenomenon interesting. It was reported that Nutella sold 17,000 jars, each costed HK$80 (approx. $10), during the campaign.

“I rarely go to the mall because I need to take a one-hour bus ride to get here,” said Lam, a 21-year-old university student. “But this time it’s worth coming.”


Meanwhile, Nutellar only costs HK$40 (approx. $5) per jar in supermarket.

The total gross sales of the campaign were approximately HK$1.36 million (approx. $163,000). After counting in expenses, the profit was not that lucrative. Nevertheless, the campaign generated positive brand impact, translating to a huge success of brand communications in Hong Kong.

Key for Success 1: Creating emotional associations with Customers

Nutella is aware of the changing consumption behaviors contributed by social media. Customers prefer tailored-made products and services. They will look up for comments through online channels or ‘word-of mouth’ from friends and relatives before consumption. In other words, brands can communicate with their target customers through a number of ‘touchpoints‘, suggested by Mr. Drew Boyd on Lynda. com.

The ‘Take it Personally’ campaign in Hong Kong encouraged customers to create self-branded products and shared them with their friends and families using social media. The concept was similar to that of Coca-Cola personalized bottles.

Coca-Cola personalised bottles and cans with names and descriptions.

For Nutella, customers can queue up for personalized Nutella in a pop-up store, gaining sense of achievement and ownership.

The video (Chinese only) by Fanny @fatfannnn recorded her experiences of purchasing a personalized Nutella. She said she spent about 2 hours for the whole processes, including 1.5 hours in the queue and 45 minutes of production time. The video also tells how patience Hong Kong people are for products they are fond of.

Since established in World War II, Nutella has developed its persona – positive, happiness, optimism, family bonding and communicated consistent brand identities through IMC.

One of the brand slogans found in Nutella US official website

The brand also promoted these values to target audience in Hong Kong through organizing interactive games in the store for children and ‘kidults’ as well as free workshops for children and parents to make Nutella snacks.

Key for Success 2: Prominent Pop-up Store & Offline Communications

Nutella set up a pop-up store located at the center of the shopping mall where there’re a stand-alone Nutella jar and transparent shelves containing rows of jars of Nutella.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos show the look and feel of the pop-up store at the shopping mall. Credits: @nutellaHK

An advertisement was placed lightboxes on the wall of passage led through the metro to the shopping mall. The advertisement also functioned as a sign for directions.

The passage led directly through the metro to the shopping mall. The lightbox advertisement was placed on the walls. Credits: Daphne Ho

The campaign was promoted through print media including magazines, newspapers .

I found about 12 pieces of news or advertorials about the campaign in August using the key word search of ‘nutella’ on an online news search portal.

Key for Success 3: Creative Use of Social Media Channels

Social media encourage people to share their personal daily encounters with others. It could help create a swirling effect of the campaign. Facebook and Instagram are two popular social media channels in Hong Kong. Nutella engage their customers in the campaign on both channels. Customers could enjoy a free Nutella waffle or pancake by uploading their photos with hashtags #GoNuts, #Nutella, #PPFoodies and @PacificPlaceHK.

This Facebook post @nutellaHK about the launch of ‘Take it Personally’ campaign generated 1,500 ‘Likes’ and 169 ‘shares.
On Instagram, almost half of 600 posts with a hastag #PPFoodies were about Nutella. The spiral effect of the social media posts could reach over tens and thousands of customers on social media.

Customers could upload some interesting stories on a website dedicated to the campaign in order to win a jar of Nutella.

Customers create their photo tags using personalized Nutella and upload them to dedicated campaign website.

Paid advertisements were found on some online portals including online magazine, websites, blogs.

This blog post generated 427 ‘shares’


I hope the success of use of IMC in Nutella Hong Kong can help sustain and grow. Let’s ‘Spread Optimism’ in Hong Kong!


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