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In my opinion, Hong Kong is not a place of blogs at all, comparing to the United States. But I am fortunate to find one blog which is also my favorite, Sassy Hong Kong. Another blog is The Content Strategist, a blog of a content marking company Contently.Two blogs are successful in terms of branding and IMC.

Purpose and type of blogs

Sassy Hong Kong is a free-of-charge, online lifestyle blog including posts of a broad range of topics including latest events in the city, living, wedding, beauty and more. It also has a dedicated blog for moms ‘Sassy Mama‘. The blog’s target audience are well-educated women with good command of English (since the blog is in English only), and also expatiates in the city.


The blog is a news blog with posts contributed by various bloggers and writers. See the contributor list. The content of the posts is a mix of news and sharing/ advertorials. In ‘What’s on HK’, there is a weekly column called ‘Weekender’ listing some happenings in the city. One of the events listed for past weekend was the Formula E event.

Event listing in Sassy Hong Kong

For example, a blog post  ‘Top 10 Wedding Prep Spa an Treatment Packages in Hong Kong‘ is written by Megan Hills.Her figurehead can be found in the post while readers can connect with her through social media channels.


The writer Megan Hill and her social media channels

The post can be shared on social media portals – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well emails.

Post can be shared on Facebook

Contently is a technology marketing company in the U.S. The Content Strategist is a professional blog set by up Contently targeted for business partners and customers.The contents are customer focused and they are categorized in topics such as brands, ROI, social.


Blog posts are written by company staff, for example,. Erin Nelson, and they are frequently updated with more than one new posts per and new posts every other day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Posts are available for sharing in social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ as well as emails. Readers can read the content via RSS as well.

Post can be shared on Linkedin

The contents are revenue driven. For example, a blog post ‘How Content Marketing Teams Are Evolving in 2016‘ includes a call-to-action near the bottom of post. The company can gathering contact details of customers when they opt in downloading a free copy of whitepaper. They can therefore connect with their potential customers through e-newsletters and drive sales.

Contact form for customers who are interested in downloading a free copy of report

Reasons for success in branding & IMC

When I prepared for my wedding last year, I often looked up the wedding section of Sassy Hong Kong for ideas about photographers, stationery, decorations, venues and so on. Instead of scouring local Chinese websites and blogs, I preferred my wedding to look stylish and ‘non-traditional’. The blog is successful in building its brand by identifying targeted customers – middle-class or above, well-educated women staying in Hong Kong  who seek for style of living. For example the blogger Megan Hills recommend brides-to-be to visit hotels for spa treatment before wedding.


The post targeted people who first arrived in Hong Kong

The writing style of the posts is relaxed, personalized and friendly. The post ‘That Flat: Inside the Hong Kong Home of Maura Thompson, Co-Founder of Sassy Hong Kong‘ is about the flat of Sassy Hong Kong’s co-founder Maura Thompson and the home decor. This can help the brand develop close ties with their readers. Some bloggers include their signatures in the post.

The co-founder of the blog talks about her home decor

Bright colors or shocking pink are used as the tone color of the blog, appealing to female or queer readers.

Bright and eye-catchy color in the blog

Sassy Hong Kong has set up its social media channels in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Youtube. All content of blog posts are sharable in social media channels. Each post includes side bars including e-newsletter subscription, related posts for readers to read on, widgets of Facebook and Instagram keeping readers update on social media. Tags are included in the post too.

Tags in the post

The brand also produces targeted content in their social media channels. For example the brand posted feeds and videos of Formula E event this afternoon available in the Twitter account only.

screenshot of the Sassy Hong Kong Twitter feeds

The blog ranks top on Google search and the brands’ social media channels are on the top of the search results.

Search results of ‘Sassy Hong Kong’

The Content Strategist offers unique content for customers when the posts are written in news style. The story structure of a post ‘How Content Marketing Teams Are Evolving in 2016’ resembles that of a news feature – setting the story angle in first few lines, quotes of business leaders, graphs and charts.This is in line with the company’s mission statement –  ‘… provide enterprise companies with smart technology, content marketing expertise, and vetted creative talent – journalist…’Customer voices can also help enhance the credibility of posts, hence the SEO ranking.


Graphs in the post

Posts are not only available for sharing by clicking the social media icons, but also by highlighting the headline of the story, quotes.

Share the post by highlighting the headline
Share the quote in Facebook and Twitter. The post is ‘Inside The Washington Post’s Quest to Fix Ad Tech

The post includes videos and plugin other social media channels.


Tags in the post for SEO. The blog’s sidebar has posts for readers to read and the company’s recent report.


The blog is one of the strategies of the company to drive traffic to the website. The blog ranks first in Google search and the Contently website also ranks first in Google search and its social media channels are found on the of the search results.

Strengths of blogs and improvements

1.  Frequent updated with new blog posts

Both Sassy Hong Kong and The Content Strategist are frequently updated with new posts. In Sassy Hong Kong, the post were a few days or weeks ago.


2. Twitter account for bloggers

One of the bloggers of The Content Strategist has Twitter accounts. All the posts are aggregated in a site under the name of the blogger: This can help promote traffic to the blog.

A blogger of Sassy Hong Kong has Twitter and Instagrams

3. Both blogs produce original content for sharing on social media channels

Sassy Hong Kong and The Content Strategist conduct interviews in their posts. The former has more content on product and service reviews than the latter.


Sassy Hong Kong can improve the blog by producing different types of content e.g. videos. It is now mainly static photos in posts.

Both blogs can encourage readers and customers to leave comments to improve the engagement with target readers and customers. The comment section remains inactive in Sassy Hong Kong‘s posts. Comments are not available posts in The Content Strategist.


Advertisements are available in Sassy Hong Kong and they can be found near the bottom of the posts.


The blog has different advertising packages:

On the contrary, the Content Strategist does not have advertisements as a result of site ownership. Perhaps their customers can be potential advertisers by featuring them in blog posts.


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