Snapchat and Branding

Snapchat is a booming social media portal targeting the ‘millennials’ aged between 13 and 25. Some brands move into the portal to tap into the market of young people by creating videos and fun images. But brands have know their existing and potential clients well before they use Snapchat for branding. For example, my client British Council may not use Snapchat as the prime marketing channels for a new course ‘myFoundation’ English course mainly because the course is targeted to adults who are front line workers or those who are aged beyond 25 years old. Nonetheless, the portal can help the brand build awareness and cultivate potential customers.

Brands can use Snapchat to craft brand messaging in line with brand values. I like the example from World Wide Fund’s campaign of distinct animals #LastSelfie. The ‘disappearing’ feature of Snapchat stories resonates the key messaging of the campaign  – ‘distinct animals’. Also, audiences can grasp the theme of the campaign within a few seconds of the video because the messaging is direct and easy to understand. Another Way that brands can use Snapchat for is cross promotion. Snapchat allows downloading stories created in form of videos and visuals and also the Snapchat code. These materials can be  uploaded in websites, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine. (Rebecca Lee White, TrackMaven, The Snapchat Marketing Guide for Brands) for cross channel promotions. Brands can also leverage the feature of Snapchat –  time limited videos and visuals for ‘flash’ promotions such as coupons and engaging with their customers using interactive content.

The Snapchat story is about Teacher Laura teaching English using a theme of her pet Goldie

I have created a Snapchat story for The British Council, myFoundation English course. The story is about a teacher of myFoundation English course Teacher Laura. I can use videos or visuals to talk about her everyday living, for example, planning lessons, traveling, talking to students. The key messaging is use of English in everyday lives. Young people may find the language is not easy to learn well and not intriguing. Audiences can also learn common mistakes in English in each of the stories.


Audiences are encouraged to snap back the answers of questions to Teacher Laura to promote engagement.Videos or images created in Snapchat can also be promoted in the organization’s website and Facebook.

Although the target audience of the course are not in line with the portal, I think the organization can promote in Snapchat for brand awareness. Some audiences can become potential customers when they grow up. By implanting the concept that learning English is fun, these young people will go to British Council and enroll the course for career development.

I have not used the social media for personal and business. I find Snapchat is easy to use in general, though I need a while to figure out the function ‘snap’ and edit the visuals. The portal is easy for young people to use because the generation is familiar with photo or video editing mobile apps. It also promotes the trend of viewing visuals and videos in portrait style, contrary to common use of landscape.

To improve, Snapchat can add in search function in order to help brands reach their customers easily. While the portal continues to grow and develop, the market needs to observe and review the effectiveness of branding in Snapchat.


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