Effective Use of Social Media Communities

People who share common interests can join together to form communities. Brands can make use of social media communities to share brand values and messaging to appeal to existing and target customers. These communities allow customers to comment and react to the brand messaging such as leaving comments and visiting the brand’s websites. The ultimate goal these is to drive sales and branding. I pick two social media Pinterest and Flickr for my client The British Council in Hong Kong and both channels allow the brand to target messaging to their customers.

Both Pinterest and Flickr are social media for sharing images. But Flickr clings to high-quality professional photography. The two channels are different in user demographics. In the article ‘The Demographics of Social Media Properties: Looking Beyond Downloads‘, Pinterest has more women users (70%) and middle-class income group (annual income ranges between $50K and $75K. The age group of users is quite evenly spread from 20 to 54 years old. I assume the users of Pinterest are working professionals at middle level job positions. They must have attained post-secondary or tertiary education or above, hence they possess intermediate and advanced level of English. They care about their career development, style of living including families and travelling.

Based on the assumptions, I have created a board ‘Live English Up‘ on Pinterest for my client. The boards aims to help customers improve their English skills. The content covers a broad range of topics such as skills for professionals – email writing, emotional intelligence; women-focused issues such as parenting, shopping and lifestyle – travel, arts and culture, cultural understanding. The layout of the board will be similar to that of Everyday Healthy. Each pin has a headline and a brief description of the content.

Healthy LIving, one of the Pin boards of Everyday Healthy on Pinterest

The board will offer fun and casual content, originated from the British Council or other sources. The content ranges from jokes, ‘How to accept apologies in English’ to interpretations of the British saying. The board helps deliver the message that English is for daily lives. People can continue to improve their language abilities through reading, listening and watching materials relevant to daily lives.

For Flickr, users are mainly male (over 60%), matured (majority of users are aged 25-29 and 35-39, respectively) and they are high-income groups (annual income ranges between $100K and $150K). These users are interested in journalistic photographs that can tell the stories. My client can use the channel to deliver brand values and persona – cultural exchange, diversity and inclusion by showcasing images of their works including English learning, examinations, education and arts. I create this photostream for The British Council, with reference to the photostream of ‘The White House‘. It shares stories of President Barack Obama and his family. My client can also use the channel to develop personality. I have picked those images of showing people engage, they can be walking, looking into something or working, and some photos of government officials and celebrities. This can help the brand share the values about people and interactions among themselves.

As content communities have their unique user demographics, brands should understand the backgrounds of their customers in the first place. They can then decide which content communities to use and created targeted messaging. This can help brands enhance effectiveness of IMC strategies and efficient use of resources. I think both channels can help The British Council in Hong Kong target women and male customers by offering customized content.


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